Just Pharma S.r.l. (English version)


The company was set up in the year 2010. The word “JUST” stands for rightness and ethicalness of methods and ends. The main objective is the achievement of a better quality of life through an anaphlerotic approach to therapy.   A strong effort is dedicated to improve the physiological well-being of patients through:  

  1. prevention
  2. integrated therapy
  3. pharmacological therapy


The company’s current portfolio consists of the following products:



It is a food supplement capable of facilitating the physiological metabolism of iron without the side and toxic effects normally associated with iron. It might be used in the following situations: sideropenic anemia, iron deficiency caused by inadequate nutrition, altered absorption as well as increased need for iron. The ingredients of the product might raise the physiological organic defences.



It is a food supplement which might be used in the following situations: polycystic ovary syndrome altered menstrual cycle, irsutism, diabetes type II.



It is a food supplement which might be used in the following situations: peripheral neuropathies, lipodystrophy diabetes type I e II.



It is a medical device containing ialuronic acid useful for its protective action on the vaginal mucosa. Justgin has a  filmogenic activity which can favour cellular regeneration. It might help with vaginal dryness and dystrophy.


Justgel is a new product containing hyaluronic acid in association with vitamin E to help maintain the integrity of the epidermis. Justgel favors relief from itching phenomena, burning and dryness as well as counteracting the aging of mucous membranes.


Turmgel is a supplement that contains the purest form of curcumin ( turmeric extract) in the form of orosoluble lozenges. The Ministry of Health recognizes to  curcumin its antioxidant power and ability to support liver and digestive  function digestive  throughout the digestive system. Curcumin is useful in promoting the welfare and joint function, and is also able to counteract disturbances of the menstrual cycle.

ERISTROL (Anastrazole in tablets)


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